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A R Training

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Our Mission

At AR Training, we wish to see whole communities thrive in the work sector. To achieve this vision, we have committed to developing communities through training and employment opportunities. With compassion and support, we continue this journey.

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About A R Training

AR Training is a London-based training institution founded in 2003. We offer exceptional quality education to our students to encourage people of all abilities to pursue career and personal development.

Our services extend from helping employers train their employees to everyday people wishing to change career paths. It all falls into promoting lifelong learning and encouraging individuals to go into employment with the right skills.

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Why choose us?

Diversity and inclusion - We work with learners from all backgrounds to promote equality and diversity in the workforce. 


Growth - We have trained more than   5000 learners and expect to further this success over the coming years.

Bespoke Training - Our courses are tailored to the learner's and employers needs. 

Impartial IAG - We offer free and impartial advice and guidance for all

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