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Here you will find some updates about or relating to AR Training and the education sector.

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Learners will be able to upskill or retrain at a pace that fits their lives through short university and college courses supported by bespoke loans.
Universities and further education colleges have been invited to bid for a share of £2million to create new ‘short courses’ across five important subject areas; STEM, healthcare, digital innovation, education, and supporting Net Zero.

The British government plans to expand student loan programs to give all adults access to four years of university or job training throughout their lifetimes as part of a legislative program designed to help the U.K. recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Improving access to adult education and vocational training is part of an effort to ensure workers have the skills they will need in a changing economy following decades of focus on boosting the number of young people going to university.

The biggest barrier to British adults continuing their education is cost, with more than a third (35%) saying they’re unable to afford to study, while almost a fifth (19%) say they don’t have time. Many Brits also commented that they deem themselves too old.
The research also revealed that many British adults would be happy to continue learning if they felt they could.

The expectation is that students reach milestones of understanding and learning in each subject. This means that almost a third of young people – those that do not meet these milestones – are effectively written off as also-rans at 16.

Our recent research, the Transforming Lives project, looks into how further education colleges can reconnect students to education as a meaningful and valuable part of their lives.

People in precarious and temporary work, who are raising families – for want of a better phrase, we might call them the “just about managing” – are objectively keen on the idea of retraining.
But travelling to attend courses, taking a break from their current jobs, reimaging themselves in a new career – in coding or something digital, for example – can just seem like too much of a stretch. When you are both time-poor and actually poor, making a career change seems daunting, risky and out of reach.
If ministers are going to make this a success, the Lifetime Skills Guarantee will require a relentless focus...

While students and faculty each have distinctive roles, there is space for collaboration and co-creation in learning, teaching, and assessment, as well as in designing curriculum.

When it first became evident that universities would no longer offer face-to-face classes, I immediately turned to engaging students as partners in helping make necessary transitions to online learning.

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